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Quest Challenge Campaign

September is Recovery Awareness month and our 30 day sprint to really raise mental health and recovery awareness through the community in powerful, Quest themed ways. We want to give you the platform to share your story–the why behind your recovery journey–and enable you to connect with our community allies, mentors, and the young adults who we hope to reach. 

Choose a mental health related challenge that you have overcome in your life, one that you still face, or something that deeply touches you that you want others to recover from. This will be the Campaign you raise awareness around along with a set fundraising goal to hopefully reach or surpass by our launch event on 9/30/22.


Choose a challenge that is actionable and personal for you and follow along our Quest Challenge Campaign Template in order to tag us in posts, share with your friends, and see how far you can go in terms of raising awareness and donations. Prizes will be awarded to those who meet their goal and the most successful campaign gets a special prize announced at our launch event, Quest Film & Fundraiser on 9/30/22.

How it Works

How it Works
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