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This month-long campaign is hosted by our 501c3 nonprofit, Quest, but led and promoted by our College of Charleston campus organization, Quest on Campus, to start a month-long mental fitness challenge to raise mental health awareness.

Our objective throughout this month is to involve over 1,000 individuals in our campaign, urging them to partake in our daily solidarity walks to the top of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. The alarming 78% increase in suicide attempts in Charleston County in recent years (‘20-’21) emphasizes the urgency of addressing mental health issues in our community.

Quest aims to strengthen the mental fitness of young adults and students--who are among some of the most impacted demographics in terms of mental illness, suicide attempts, and addiction. To commemorate those in our community who have lost their battle with mental illness, we plan to dedicate each day to a different individual, with their family's consent and, hopefully, participation.

Every day, a Quest on Campus student and/or community volunteer will guide this two-mile walk. Our volunteer will share words of inspiration and information on local and national mental health resources at the start. At the same time, the group will have the chance to share words of dedication at the top, led by the volunteer. 

In line with our peer-support approach, members of our student-led organization at The College of Charleston will play a significant role, leading most of the walks to foster support among young adults. 

If you want to help out more with this campaign, please visit our website to sign up to walk, volunteer, or sponsor, or email  with your ideas. We can’t do this work without your support, so click this link to learn more and share our campaign with your community.  

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