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For those who have benefited from the help of others in recovery, weather that’s from mental health or substance use struggles. Our Quest Mentors believe in the value of giving back to keep the gifts we have been given in this life from others. We do not require any professional background or work experience in fields of health care, mental health and wellness, or recovery work. Mentorship is something we find in all arenas of life: from personal to professional, sports to schools, all of which value our essential need to connect with others and a community greater than our individual selves.


After filling out our intake form and signing our liability waiver for any of our scheduled offerings, we pair you with a Quest Mentee based on your shared interests, lived experience, and their goals. From there, you set up a weekly meeting cadence with your mentee (guidelines included in our Mentor onboarding) to build a relationship and start to work through our 7-step Mentor Program with them. We recommend joining your mentee in any of our recreational activities, educational workshops and volunteer days within our community to help foster a stronger connection.


We believe that our community is only as healthy as our least healthy individuals, and to take this into account demands action. By giving our gifts to others, we can all grow stronger as a community and realize the value of recovery as a process of change and renewal that we are all an invaluable part of.

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