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hey! we're                          

a 501c3 nonprofit based in Charleston, SC - our mission is to

strengthen the mental fitness of students and young adults


what we strive for

we believe our greatest resiliency to adversity comes from forging community

we strengthen the mental fitness of young adults by providing free group recreation, community building on college campuses, and service campaigns in the community to combat loneliness, suicide, and addiction

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our vision

to cultivate a nationwide network of more than one million students, participating actively in our college campus mental health initiatives while extending acts of service beyond the confines of our campuses


quest on campus

a peer-supported student organization focused on strengthening mental resilience in the face of loneliness through three essential activities on and off campus:

workouts, runs/walks, yoga classes, meditation, contrast therapy, sports

guest speakers, workshops, awareness campaigns, survey intake

community service
volunteering, community activism, local business efforts

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